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March 2021 - Outcomes Report

We are pleased to be able to share our outcomes report with you which is based on a survey we carry out every year on parent carers.  The report shows parent carers experiences and thoughts on how well the services in Bedford Borough are able to support their child.

26th February 2021 - Information for parent carers document which has been produced by ERPCF for Preventing Inappropriate CYP SEND admissions to mental health hospitals for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) and we have adapted to give local information for Bedford Borough.




Sunflower Lanyards

We currently have Sunflower Lanyards available for free for parent carers of children in Bedford Borough, if you would like to request on please email us





Coronavirus FAQ's May 2020


We have put your questions to the Local Authority and Local Health Services and they have put their responses into this document:




Ofsted Revisit February 2020


Following a revisit by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission in February 2020 the Local Area  has been deemed to be making ‘sufficient progress’ in the five areas of weakness identified in the written statement of action.  You can find the report from Ofsted and CQC here:



A statement from Kerri Rennie,  Chairperson of BBPCF regarding the letter:

'Following a revisit by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission in February the Local Area  has been deemed to be making ‘sufficient progress’ in the five areas of weakness identified in the written statement of action.  


You can see what Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum told the inspectors in our State of the Nation and Outcomes reports – you can find copies of them here.


Whilst the Local Area has made some changes to put in place the structures required to improve services and outcomes for our children, we have been very clear that many families still tell us that they are not feeling or seeing an improvement. Our reports highlight what we are hearing from parent carers  and  the most significant  areas of concern.  Going forward  we must ensure that SEND remains a top priority and that the efforts made by the Local Area  do not drop off.


Whilst we are pleased the inspectors have recognised the work of the Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum in representing families and challenges with in the local area. The result shows there is work still to be done and to which we will continue to highlight the voice of our families.

We must ensure Special Educational needs and/or disability (SEND) remains a top priority.

We need to hear from Parent Carers and their lived experiences.


This is more important than ever during the current COVID 19 crisis so please stay in touch and we promise to do the same.


Kerri Rennie [Chair]

Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum'


Coronavirus FAQ's for Local Authority and Health Services Responses Dated 30th March 2020

We recently sent your questions to the local authority relaying your current concerns and questions due to the ongoing Coronavirus Crisis.  Please see below the attached document with their responses to your FAQ's 

A Statement From Our Chair  - 19th March 2020

'Dear Parent Carer


Further to the announcement made by PM Boris Johnson yesterday evening that they have made the decision to close schools, we wanted to send a message to our members. Whilst we are experiencing something that is unprecedented we will continue to signpost you where required and keep you updated on all information we receive.


We will also be continuing to feedback to all services to ensure the parent carer voice is still heard through this uncertain period. Please continue to send feedback, helpful resources and any other information that other parent carers may find useful.


If you are in need of any support through this time we are going to be sharing information and advice that may help. Please also take a look at the Bedford Borough Local Offer where there will be regular advice and information


Each and every family will have different needs and questions so please follow our media and support each other. Please keep safe and remember we are all in this together.


Kind regards


Kerri Rennie [Chair]

Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum'

Paediatricians Update February 2020


We have been raising the issues that many of you have raised with us regarding paediatricians recently.  Following this, please see below an update from Cambridge Community Services about what they are putting into place to try to resolve the issues:


‘Dear all,


This week PCF representatives met with Bedfordshire Community Health Services Community Paediatrics service manager to discuss the challenges PCF members have been facing, as well as to discuss how we can work together to make improvements to the service. Bedfordshire Community Health services have provided our members with the following update:


'You may have experienced long waiting times whilst accessing the community paediatrics services at Redgrave Gardens (Luton) or the Child Development Centre (Kempston). The feedback we receive from families is reflective of this, and we recognise the strain this causes to families awaiting these appointments.


Due to the growing populations across Bedfordshire, the demand for our services currently outweighs the capacity we have to deliver the services, resulting in delays for appointments. We recognise this is not an acceptable level of service for families, and have been working hard to improve the situation.


In both Luton and Bedford we have employed an agency locum paediatrician to increase staffing levels within the teams. Saturday working has been implemented, extra admin support has been put into place, and a specialist nurse post for Bedford has gone out to advert, with interviews taking place in March.


Meanwhile, we are completing an in-depth 'demand and capacity modelling' project across paediatric Community Services, which will provide a business case to present to commissioners for the additional funding that is needed to meet the needs of our children and young people.


We apologise for any difficulty that experiencing delays may have caused for your family, and we value your support and patience during this time. We continuously value your feedback of our services and work closely with the Parent Carer Forum, please do continue to use the forum to feedback your concerns or good news stories.’

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